Picture of San Francisco

San Francisco

The cultural, commercial, and financial center of California, this bustling, beautiful city is the second-most densely populated major city in the United States—despite being a mere 47.9 square miles, and the smallest county in the state of California. But there's a good reason for its popularity, beyond a myriad of social, cultural, economical reasons, San Francisco is blessed with beguiling beauty. From its peninsular position to encompassing bays, cool summers, rolling hills, eclectic mix of culture, gorgeous victorian architecture amidst modern development, and an astoundingly electrifying sense of energy that fills the city with its penchants for creative innovation, and a cool-casual indulgence of the highest standards. A leader in the arts, music, technology, progressive idealism, and amazing burritos, San Francisco is one the top travel destinations in the country, and anyone would be remiss not to visit.