Because of our experience building sites with industry-leading conversion rates, and with a large number of hotels, our partners asked us to build a new Web3 commerce platform for hotels that we call Traverse.

Why choose Traverse to power your hotel's sales?

  • Simplify your software stack

    Traverse replaces years of legacy software layers with only one centralized and simplified solution. By using modern best practices we replace multiple systems with a simpler flow. This removes the requirement to staff the positions that currently manage them.

  • Blockchain Distribution

    We utilize the Blockchain to power the most advanced direct booking engine and channel manager. We securely store data on-chain to enhance the end-to-end consumer experience.

    Distribution is also handled on-chain so APIs and certification processes become a thing of the past.

  • Stay like an all-inclusive

    We start by offering easy payment options like Apple Pay and Affirm. The customer pays once and we store the card in a secure enclave – then we create one time use cards shared with all hotel systems.

    The guest authorizes charges with a text message or tap during their stay and checkout no longer has a folio.

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