Picture of Los Angeles

Los Angeles

If there was ever a city where you could find just about anything to do, outdoors, indoors, no doors, beach, arts, film, food, surf, climb, dance, drink, party you name it (and you’ll find something no matter what you’re interested in), it is Los Angeles. Whether it's nabbing that picture with the Hollywood sign, meandering the endless museums, cruising down the winding Pacific coast, or hiking up the hills to cliffs that overlook gorgeous stretches of city, mountains and the changing colors of a sunset sky.

But this sprawling, gargantuan city is so diverse, figuring it out what to do and where to stay in Los Angeles can be daunting. Ask someone to define L.A., and you'll likely hear about Hollywood, good-looking people and the most insane traffic in the country. A leading city in the forefront of fashion, design, and of course the world's dream-producing factory, Hollywood, Los Angeles offers a unique amalgam of culture. The city brings forth a wealth of ethnic cuisines, contemporary arts, and a social brand of luxury and glamour that, while at once clichéd or sensationalized, you won't find anywhere else. And lucky for you, we've worked hard to bring you the best options.