Getting Around Orlando

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Fly to Orlando

The easiest way to get to Orlando is by flying in through Orlando International Airport. Flight fares will vary throughout the year, depending on demand and season, but travel to it is easy across all American states, and for international travelers as well.

Once there, you’ll want to rent a car in Orlando if you plan on adventuring around the greater parts of the city. For those that are shorter on time, or spending most of their time inside the parks, then the best choice is to skip the car rental. All parks will offer trains or shuttle services to and from the resorts and nearby hotels. Additionally, most, if not all nearby hotels will also offer shuttles services into the parks.

Getting Around Orlando

Uber and Lyft are also fully operational, as are taxis for those of you who are looking to get transport from Orlando airport to your hotel and back, or any other destination within the city. Always keep the distance and travel time in mind, as public transport fares can spike, depending on how far you’re traveling. As a rule, we'll warn you that cab rides in Orlando are not exactly cheap. Unless your hotel is ideally located. Also, besides the downtown area and some neighborhoods in Orlando, most of the city is better seen by car than on foot.