Picture of Miami


Long heralded as a tourist hotspot for the rich and famous, as well as those seeking the restorative refuge of its pristine shorelines, Miami is a certified luxury destination. But beyond the swaying palms and paradisiacal beaches, is a major center of commerce, culture, media, entertainment, and the arts. The fourth-largest urban area in the U.S., Miami was designated an Alpha-world city and has been ranked as one the cleanest and richest in the world.

Whether it's the supreme sunshine of Miami Beach, the beautiful Coconut Grove or the rich Latin American heritage that pulses little Havana–Miami has a blend of unique character and offerings. From an explosive nightlife to world-class shopping, white sand beaches, an orgiastic culinary scene and an inimitable sense of luxury, it is a city that demands to be seen. Even more so in style and the proper digs to boast of, so here's our take on a definitive Miami city guide.