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Miami Bachelor Party

Miami. Home to South Beach, beauty beaches, and a wild nightlife. In other words, all the ingredients you need for an incredible bachelor party. Why spend your time at a casino in the desert when you and your best friends can enjoy world class parties right on the ocean, with a tropical breeze keeping you comfortable? Whatever you're looking to do, here are some party planning essentials for setting up your epic Miami bachelor party. 

Getting To and Around Miami

You only really have two options when it comes to getting to Miami: drive or fly. Unless you live in Florida, chances are you're flying, but if you do decide to load up the car and make the road trip, Miami is located right on I-95. This Interstate travels down the entire Eastern Coast (you could drive from New York to Miami almost entirely on I-95). I-75 is another major route that cuts through Atlanta and through the Western portion of Florida before you need to cut over, but finding your way to Miami via the Interstate system isn't difficult. 

Realistically though, if you're flying you're arriving at the Miami International Airport (there's a lost baggage joke regarding it's MIA acronym). The airport is roughly eight miles northwest of Downtown. Now, it is possible to look up flights to the Ft. Lauderdale airport and then drive the short distance down, so check into this option. From time to time you'll find a substantially cheaper flight. 

Once in Miami there are plenty of transportation options. You'll never have a problem tracking down a cab or hailing an Uber/Lyft. You can also rent anything from an inexpensive Chevy to a head-turning Lamborghini. The thing about driving a Lamborghini through South Beach though is there are so many, you actually won't stand out all that much (and do you really want to deal with parking an expensive Italian car made out of fiberglass?). So just keep this in mind. 

Where to Stay For Your Bachelor Party in Miami

The first thing you need to decide when looking to book a hotel in Miami is what part of town you want to stay. Do note that Downtown Miami is not close to South Beach. You'll still need to drive out a good 30-45 minutes (depending on traffic). So, if you want to be in the heart of the beach atmosphere, look specifically for South Beach, although you likely will pay more for this option. 

Looking for a beautiful room with a beautiful view? The Betsy - South Beach is perfect. Located in the heart of South Beach, you won't need a car because you'll be close to everything. Plus, you won't have a problem booking a suite for 6 in Miami (the two bedroom suites can fit up to eight people). 

Have you ever wanted to wake up completely surrounded by ocean views? Eden Rock Miami Beach gives you this option. The Oceanfront One Bedroom suite is the perfect bachelor party suite. It can fit up to seven people and you'll have ocean views on two sides. So whether you call a bedroom or you sleep on one of the fold out sofas, you'll always be able to wake up to the sun, beautiful, turquoise ocean and the gentle sounds of water (which is great if anyone needs to nurse a hangover). 

South Beach is made for parties. While some pregaming might take place in the room, you want it also to be calming, where you can relax after a night out. Nothing says relax like the hotel and services offered by Nobu Zen Suite. So make sure to book a suite through Suiteness to nab one of these spots. 

Things To Do On Your Bachelor Party in Miami

If you're looking for bachelor party ideas, you've come to the right place. It all depends on what you're in the mood for. There's actually an interesting variety of things to do in Miami. There's plenty of water activities in South Beach. Your hotel (should you go with one of our listed options through Suiteness) can connect you with everything from paddle boarding to private beach access. You can also wander Lincoln Ave. in South Beach for great shopping and some low key awesome bars (great for grabbing a beer to beat the heat). For more extreme options though, the Suiteness concierge can connect you with one of the following options:

Deep Sea Fishing

Do you love fishing? Maybe you've always wanted to just get out on the open water and test your hand at catching something massive. If so, deep sea fishing is the way to go. 

Exotic Car Driving Experience

You'll see plenty of exotic cars driving around South Beach. The problem is you can't really enjoy the drive. What's the point of renting a V-16 engine when driving in bumper to bumper traffic? With a driving experience, you'll pay less money and get to feel the full throttle of what these exotic cars can do. 

Everglades Trip

Maybe and your buddies are a bit more green and like the great outdoors? Our concierge can connect you with the top Everglades boat tours. Just know that if you're looking to spend your time with the ladies, most of them on these boat trips will be of the retired variety. 

Where to Eat and Drink in Miami

According to "World's Best Bars," the best bar in Miami is "Town Kitchen and Bar" near Downtown. However, there are plenty of other great food and drink joints in Miami to check out, including:

The Anderson

Looking for a bit of the 1980s? Of course, you are. The 80s built Miami (check out the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys" on Netflix to learn more about the city's pretty epic rise to fame). 

The Broken Shaker

In the mood for a killer cocktail? You'll be hard-pressed to find anything better than The Broken Shaker. 

Ball and Chain

Hey, when you're in town for a Miami bachelor party, might as well remind your buddy what's going to happen to him once he's married. This is a Cuban-inspired restaurant with delicious food and amazing cocktails. 

Where to Party in Miami For Your Bachelor Party

You come to Miami to party. Just what kind of party you're looking for depends on your style, but here are some of the best options to consider. 

Ball and Chain

Yup, not only is it one of the best bars and restaurants but it's one of the best dance bars. At night it turns into an epic nightclub, but it is west of Downtown, so if you're staying in South Beach it might be a bit of a drive (but well worth it). 

Club Space

Just north of Downtown Miami, if you're into the techno dancing scene, this is the spot for you. When searching for bachelor party ideas, this is a dancing must. Just make sure to dress to impress. 


When  Rolling Stone magazine has it listed in the top 5 best dance clubs in the country, it is a must. Just know it will be wall to wall people. 


This joint is owned by the same great folks who own LIV, it's one of the best spots to just randomly meet people and dance the night away. YOu can also book your own VIP section. 

If you need more suggestiong, feel free to look at our guide to the best nightlife in Miami> or ask our concierge for suggestions.